SoulCollage® - Creativity Embraces Inner Wisdom & Intuition

Evelyne L. Thomas
December 1, 2023
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SoulCollage® - Creativity Embraces Inner Wisdom & Intuition

Are you curious about your decision-making process? Would you like to harness the power of your Intuition? Welcome to the world of SoulCollage® – a transformative journey that blends creativity, intuition, and self-discovery into one enchanting experience. Let's embark on this exploration together, where we'll delve into the captivating realm of SoulCollage®.  

Understanding Soul Collage

Imagine opening the door to your subconscious, revealing a world filled with emotions, desires, and aspirations. SoulCollage® does just that! Developed by the ingenious Seena Frost, it's a creative and therapeutic method that takes you on a visual adventure into the various facets of your psyche. 

With SoulCollage®, you craft a personal deck of cards, each card representing a piece of your identity, emotions, and life experiences. These cards are your mirror, reflecting your inner world. Through the intuitive selection of images that resonate with your subconscious, you create a visual map of your inner landscape. 

The Role of Creativity in Self-Discovery

Creativity is your medium to self-expression and introspection. When you engage in card making, your imagination takes centre stage, bypassing the rational mind and diving deep into your subconscious. 

This artistic journey gives voice to thoughts and emotions that may have remained unspoken. SoulCollage® offers a safe space for exploring your inner landscapes and uncovering hidden aspects of your personality. 

Building a Relationship with Your Inner Wisdom

Do you wish for a deeper connection with your inner wisdom and intuition? SoulCollage® is your path to achieving just that. Through the creation of these captivating cards, you establish a profound relationship with your inner self. 

The process of selecting images and assembling the cards becomes a dialogue with your own psyche, unveiling deeper truths and insights about who you are. These images act as mirrors, reflecting aspects of your psyche that require acknowledgment and understanding. 

Integration of Archetypes and Personal Symbols

Now, let's talk about archetypes and personal symbols. In the world of SoulCollage® as they play a pivotal role in your journey of self-discovery. Archetypes are universal symbols residing in the collective unconscious, representing fundamental human experiences and emotions. 

Working with archetypes within your cards offers a better understanding of your own patterns and behaviours. The symbols you choose become a personal representation of your unique experiences and emotions, adding depth to your life story. 

Strengthening Intuition

Albert Einstein once said, "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant." SoulCollage® empowers you to strengthen your intuition and awaken this gift. 

As you progress with SoulCollage®,you learn to trust your intuition and follow your instincts. Creating these cards becomes a dance with your inner guidance, a process that reveals subtle cues and insights from within. Instead of relying solely on rational analysis, you tap into your right-brained "sixth sense" – a knowing that transcends logical thought. 

Unveiling Subconscious Patterns

SoulCollage® helps reveal the mysteries of subconscious patterns and unresolved emotions. When you notice certain themes or symbols making encore appearances in your cards, it's a signpost pointing to areas in need of a little TLC. Recognising these patterns is your first step towards integration and transformation. 

Healing and Self-Acceptance

Through SoulCollage®, unresolved emotions and past traumas may bubble up to the surface. Here's the magical part– turning these emotions into tangible collages can be therapeutic, leading to profound healing and self-acceptance. It's a journey of embracing all facets of yourself, including the parts and expressions of yourself you don’t like, and finding wholeness and personal growth. 

Empowerment and Decision Making

Get ready for the transformation! As you nurture your connection with intuition and inner wisdom, you'll unlock a new found sense of empowerment. Your inner resources will become your trusted guides to making decisions that align perfectly with your authentic self. When the fog of confusion or uncertainty descends, creating SoulCollage® cards will be your beacon of clarity and direction. 

Community and Connection

SoulCollage® can be enjoyed on your own as you take time to connect with your own world. It is also a mean to connect in a community of like-minded souls on a similar quest. Whether you prefer to go it alone or join a group, you'll find a sense of belonging and connection that's simply heart warming. Group sessions provide a safe space for you to share your insights, gain fresh perspectives, and learn from each other's experiences.  

SoulCollage® – Creativity Meets Inner Wisdom & Intuition

Join me at my monthly meetings in Dubai.

SoulCollage® – Creativity Meets Inner Wisdom & Intuition meetings will give you the opportunity to explore your psyche, trust your intuition and have fun with a group of likeminded SoulCollage® enthusiasts. No experience is needed! All material is provided. First participate in a Discovery workshop, then you can attend a Themed Workshop.

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